About Us.

about-usSince 2000

We are a INDIA based Solar Panel,Solar Inverter, Solar Water Pump VFD , solar dc lighting manufacturing company


         We are a govt .enlisted ‘Green Power Plant ‘ for solar Pv system and a professionally managed new venture promoted by engineering graduate ,who are having more than 18 years of experience  in Solar power  filed under the  name ‘green power plant ‘based at Namakkal,  tamilnadu,India
We are keen no promoting  ‘green power ‘ technology through ‘solar energy ‘-to cater the needs of Indian companies / educational institution /house –electrical power ,with an alternate for fossil fuels based power generation and to keep the cost at affordable / optimum level

Our strengths and capabilities
Having engineering background
Experience more than 18 years
Large  customer baseWide geographical presence in tamilnadu
After sales service –round the clock
Quick adaptation to new techniques
More dynamic high mobility oriented
Financial investment as needed
Availing govt .subsidy
To  be socially responsible company and governed by ethical practices ,to assist our customer to achieve self sufficiency  for their needs in a greener  and clean way, thereby attaining self reliance  of our country’s energy needs.
Our Total Green Power Solutions…
Engg.  support
Procurement Support
Construction Support

  • Our Commitments
    Consultancy  and providing relevant data /information
    Best practice
    Quality product solutions
    Timely delivery
    Cost effectiveness
    Total customer satisfaction
    Our Range Of  Product
    Solar Water Pump –
  • Solar Home Lighting Systems – Hybrid 10W to 250 KW
    Grid Tie Decentralized Systems – 1 KW to MW range
    Off Grid Systems – 1 KW to 100KW range,
    Hybrid System – Diesel – Solar Optimizer – 250KW to MW,
    Solar panel and Battery (stockiest, import and distributer),
  • Solar Hybrid Inverter/PCU and charge controller, MPPT and PWM,
    Power Quality Auditing/Consultation,
    Solar Street Lights/Garden Lights and mini accessories- LED Lighting,
    Solar Energy Equipment,
    Lift Back Up system with Solar enabled.
    Solar PV panels (mono/polycrystalline,
    Solar batteries
    Solar Water Heater


  • Solar Panels,mono/polycrystalline,
  • Solar Hybrid System ,Solar Inverter, Solar PCU,
  • Solar Pump VFD, Solar Equipment,
  • LED Light, solar DC Lighting
  • Solar Charge Controller, PWM&MPPT,
  • PV module mounting  structures, Street Light Pole
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