Solar Controller.


  • Built-in high performance MPPT. Efficiency is more than 98%
  • PWM and MPPT models are available
  • Customisable input panel voltage and battery voltage
  • With built in Reverse Polarity, Over Voltage, Over Load protections
  • 2 years warranty

Input Panel Voltage and Output Battery Voltage

Unlike other charge controllers First Choice Solar System’s solar charge controllers have Customisable input panel voltage and output battery voltage. With this feature you can plan the Battery capacity and Solar Panel capacity for a PV system. So you can design your PV system the way you wanted it to be.

High performance MPPT

Maximum Power Point Tracking ( MPPT ) is the method of extracting maximum available power from the solar panels. Our Smart SX inverter’s unique Digital Signal Processing ( DSP ) based MPPT will track at which point the maximum power can be extracted from the panel by varying the Pulse Width Modulation ( PWM ) and Modulation Frequency. This most advance MPPT will extract 99% of available solar power.

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