Green power plant  is a globally recognized leading Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU provider making India self-reliant on solar energy. We use advanced MPPT technology in our Solar Off-Grid PCU that can simultaneously run the load and charge the battery. Suitable for standard Lead-Acid Batteries, as well as flooded, sealed and gel type, these controllers check the output of PV module, supply power to a DC load and fixes the power issues that PV module can produce to charge the battery. Our Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU stand apart from the rest because of their high-quality design and multiple features we have packed into it to make your life easier.

  • Solar inverter with intelligent logic solar-battery-Ac supply mode
  • MPPT  charge controller with auto cut off mode
  • optional hybrid switch  for battery charging, non charging cut off from  AC supply.
  • Customised battery voltage range from (12 v- 480 v).
  • LCD information for inverter and solar parameters with net day, month and yearly unit metering facility.
  • Pure sine wave output with voltage regulation ≥ 98 % even at full load.
  • 100 % loading capacity. That is you can load 1000 watts in 1 KW unit.
  • 4 stages stepped charging method ensures high back up and long life to the battery.
  • No load cut with auto restart to ensure power loss during idling.
  • Comes with reveres polarity, short circuit, over load, low and high battery protections.
  • Available in ranges of 1 kw watts to 100 Kw both single phase and 3 phases.
  • Cute and compact design with attractive colours


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